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We aim to make a wide ranging, far reaching and long lasting global impact on agrifood systems

Helping grow the 

Native Ag+Food Sector

There is considerable potential for the Australian native agriculture and food sector to achieve significant commercial success and to deliver economic, social, cultural, environmental and health outcomes that will benefit Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians; commercial industry participants; regional and remote communities; and the Australian economy.


Changing consumer demands and pressures on the global agrifood system to become more transparent and sustainable mean that there could not be a better time  for this sector to embark on an accelerated growth plan.


Our Theory of Change is that sector growth requires a systems-based approach which addresses:

  • Whole of value chain design and integration

  • Attracting new talent and building a critical mass of entrepreneurial capability that will be required to commercialise value-added products and business model innovations

  • Adoption of modern agrifood science and tech solutions that complement ancient wisdom and technologies

  • Engaging investors and attracting capital

Of fundamental importance is the need to address the appropriate treatment of traditional knowledge and the development of access and benefit sharing protocols that ensure native ag+food value chains are constructed based on ethical principles. The engagement of Australian's First Nations people in all areas of the sector's growth strategy will be key to its future. 




For full details on how Food Futures Company is working with Indigenous partners please download our Indigenous Engagement Plan.

Food Futures Company Impact

Wide ranging and far reaching, we aim to make a lasting difference!

Our Native Ag+ Food Initiatives

Ideas2Business Program

The Native Ag+ Food Ideas2Business early stage accelerator program targets startups looking to commercialise their ideas and grow their native ag+food businesses. The 2020 program was the first accelerator in Australia to specifically target this sector and supported 12 early stage venture teams with six led by Indigenous entrepreneurs. 

Entrepreneurship Pathway Program 

Food Futures Company developed a specific initiative to increase the participation of Indigenous women in the Native Ag+Food sector. This project aims to empower Indigenous girls and women with the confidence, knowledge and entrepreneurial skills they need to successfully launch new ventures and/or develop career pathways across the native ag+food value chain.The project integrates cultural connections and is guided by a Steering Group that includes Indigenous Elders and leaders in the native ag+food sector. This program now sits under the newly formed First Nations Led social enterprise, EM-power Foundation.

Native Ag+Food Tech Challenge

Aims to source technology solutions from both mature tech developers and tech start-ups that have developed solutions (some likely to already be deployed in other agrifood sectors) that address identified gaps and opportunities to accelerate growth in the native ag+food value chain. We provide customised support and coaching for tech startups in this space. 

Have you got questions?

Food Futures Company is committed to working in partnership with the Traditional Owners of the land on which we live, learn and work.


We acknowledge their continuing cultural, social, environmental and economic connection to land, sea and community, and pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.

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