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We collaborate with you to stimulate the emergence of vibrant food innovation capabilities and accelerate the growth of agrifood startups and entrepreneurs in your region.

Transforming the Agrifood System

Development of regional Australia can play a significant role in revitalising the Australian economy. A thriving agrifood industry in regional areas can help to achieve sustainable economic development, stimulate job creation, attract and retain talent in the region, solve key agrifood challenges within a region and encourage the deployment of resources and infrastructure for a growth-conducive business environment.  

Food Futures Company believes that promoting, investing in and supporting agrifood startups and scale ups within a region can be one of the drivers of economic growth across Australia.  

What we do

A growing community of agile agrifood start ups, SMEs and aspiring entrepreneurs can be found across regional Australia who would benefit significantly from dedicated programs that build capabilities, provide access to local and global networks, and investment and growth opportunities. 


We have a track record working globally with our partners in government, industry, corporates, research, investors, and start-ups. We accelerate the development of new capabilities and connections to global networks; we help develop innovative and disruptive agri-food technologies and unique value-added products and services; and we create transformational business models at both sector and enterprise levels.


The Food Futures Company team has broad experience across the agrifood system with specialised capabilities including primary production, food manufacturing, culinary, technology commercialisation, innovation investment and stimulating new venture growth. 



Why partner with us?

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Food Futures Company has extensive experience in the design and delivery of agrifood tech and food innovation accelerator and incubator programs across the whole value chain. We develop customised programs with regional partners that look to align with  specific strategic priorities including:

  • Increasing the development and success of unique value-added food products that enhance regional positioning, provide job creation, attract talent and retain a skilled workforce

  • Strengthen, foster and promote the region's agrifood businesses and product diversity

  • Build upon regional brand and reputation for excellence in agrifood 

  • Opportunities to solve key environmental sustainability challenges for a region 

  • Assist in the adoption of new technologies to improve efficiencies and productivity 

We want to make a big impact and we know the best way to do this is through collaboration. To help us go faster and go further we have established global partnerships and joint ventures.

Dr Christine Pitt, CEO 

Regional Programs

Food Futures Company can design and deliver a range of customised programs and initiatives for your region. 

Targeted Workshops 

  • Challenge based workshops to scope opportunity areas to solve critical environmental issues.

  • New venture creation workshops for aspiring entrepreneurs who may be wanting to explore ideas around new value-added food products or commercialising novel technology but don't know where to start.


  • Bespoke Ideas2Business Program with broad focus or aligned to specific challenge areas Eg. Food waste and sustainability, packaging and processing, alternative proteins

  • A 12-week program targeting early stage agrifood startups and entrepreneurs 

  • Pathway to new venture creation and launch of new agrifood products and services 

Scale Up Catalyst 

  • Bespoke incubator or accelerator program tailored to the specific needs of more advanced agrifood tech and innovation startups across the value chain in a particular region/s who are looking to scale their ventures nationally and internationally 

  • Can be aligned to the strategic priorities of collaborative sponsors of the program and welcome a consortium model of non-competing partners to invest Eg. Regional Development groups, Universities and Corporates in a particular region 

What role could you play?

We have a variety of partnership opportunities available to regional partners. Each partnership proposal will be tailored to meet the needs and goals of the partner.

  • Providing financial support to a specific program or participant/s

  • Creating opportunities for participants to engage with your business Eg. hosting site visits

  • Mentorship and expert advice

  • Connecting participants to your network 

Want to talk in more detail...



 Book in a  meeting with one of the team to talk through any questions you have. 

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