Helping Australian businesses access growing ASEAN markets

An exclusive program developed by leading agrifood innovation systems design firm Food Futures Company in partnership with global agrifood tech impact accelerator GROW to help Australian scale-up ventures capture the opportunity in Asia by landing and launching in Singapore.   

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For agrifood businesses looking to grow into Asia


The ASEAN region is emerging as a major hub for agrifood and aquaculture innovation and there are significant opportunities for Australian entrepreneurs to be successful exporters of advanced agrifood tech and innovative food solutions.  However, due to issues of fragmentation and complexity combined with the impact of COVID, Australian businesses looking to scale are looking for support to gain traction.


The GROW2Asia program has been designed to provide targeted and bespoke support for entrepreneurs who want to grow their business in Asia by first validating their fit for the market and secondly co-developing a roadmap to establish their in-market presence. We help Australian businesses to adapt to a COVID-19 world and access export markets by providing customised in-country support where required. We can be your boots on the ground!

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Meet Our 2021-22 Cohort

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Program Overview

This world-class program will provide access to Food Futures and GROW’S extensive network of mentors and experts; research partners; and corporate customers both locally and across the globe.  The program is divided into 4 Phases to allow ventures to assess their readiness and then manage their global expansion. We help you to explore and launch into new international markets even during this COVID-19 world by being your boots on the ground where required. 

Phase 1:

18 Oct-29 Oct 2021


Introduction to ASEAN

A series of virtual workshops to elaborate on the benefits and opportunities of trading in the region using Singapore as a gateway.  Participants will be undertaken through a process to start thinking about the ASEAN region and the nuances that exist in these markets.

Phase 2:

8 Nov-17 Dec 2021



Goal Setting &

Testing Opportunity 

Masterclasses, interactive workshops, on-line resources and one-on-one coaching focused on building roadmaps for product development & adaptation to Asian market; in-market customer validation; legal and regulatory requirements to establish a business in the region.

Phase 3:

10 Jan- 4 Mar 2022



Market Access

One-on-one coaching, mentoring and expert sessions focused on: go-to-market strategy; value chain optimisation; customer acquisition; local partnerships; and raising capital.  Includes introductions to investors, and service providers; participation in pitch events.

Phase 4:

21 Mar- 6 May 2022



into Asia 

Individual, tailored support to build a local team and establish business structures.  It is anticipated that this phase will include in-person visits by the founders.  However, if this is not possible, the Food Futures-GROW team can provide appropriate in-country support.

By 2050 the population of Asia will be 5 billion, accounting for 60% of global consumption

Unlocking Asia

Asia represents one of the fastest growing markets in the world, with 66% of the global middle class expected to reside in the region and a population expected to reach 5 billion in 2050 that will account for 60% of global consumption.  To meet this demand, governments across the region are aggressively pursuing strategies to ensure greater food security and this includes actively encouraging agrifood tech and innovative food entrepreneurs to help grow the local ecosystem by establishing themselves in the region.

Who Should Apply?

The GROW2Asia program will officially kick-off on the 18th of October 2021 and is a 6-month program finishing in early May 2022.  We welcome applications from agrifood tech and innovative food & beverage businesses involved in (but not limited to) the following areas:

  • Plant-based foods

  • Alternative proteins

  • Functional ingredients

  • Health & wellness products & services (eg personalised nutrition; bioceuticals)

  • Food traceability and provenance

  • Food waste

  • Sustainable food production systems

  • Controlled environment agriculture

We also encourage entrepreneurs in the Australian Native Ag+Food sector to apply.


Application Key Dates

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Why Apply?

GROW2Asia provides a fully customised program to support each business looking to export to Asia, by taking an agile approach to developing, testing and iterating your business models for maximum impact.



1:1 support from our broad GROW and FFCO mentor network. Dedicated business support by business coaches. 



Variety of professional service providers to help you expand into the region at discounted rates 



Office-hours with our agrifood experts and growth hackers


Investment Network

Pitching opportunities to our investor, corporate and strategic partner network  



Events and networking opportunities 



We help you plug into the ASEAN agrifood ecosystem of growth partners, channel partners, strategic customers and entrepreneurs