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Unlock Australia’s Native Ag+Food Industry

Australia’s Native Ag+Food  sector has considerable potential to deliver economic,  social, environmental, and health outcomes that will benefit Indigenous and Non Indigenous Australians but several industry challenges are holding it back. In collaboration with Agrifutures, ANFAB, and ThincLab, Food Futures Company is calling for start-ups, scale-ups, established ventures, and technology ready research teams to submit technology solutions that will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Australia’s Native Ag+Food value chain. Teams are invited to apply with solutions to any of the challenge areas.


Unlock Australia's Native Ag+Food

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Challenge Areas

Challenge Areas

With support from Agrifutures, an extensive industry study was conducted. This study revealed that there were four areas where enabling technology would accelerate the growth and impact of this industry: harvest, cleaning and handling; extracting more from less; traceability; and wild harvest.

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Harvest, cleaning and handling

Harvest, cleaning, and handling is incredibly difficult with many native plants. What can be learnt from other industries?



Consumers are increasingly seeking to understand where their food comes from. This challenges looks to leverage technology to ensure that what consumers want is what they get.

Harvest, cleaning and handling


Extracting more from less

Some incredible bioactive compounds have been discovered in Australia’s native plants with amazing healing or nutritional properties. How can we extract these more efficiently? How do we continue to discover more?

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Wild Harvest – Covering Country

Wild Harvest is hard on people with long and  often hot days. How can we help people do their job more  comfortably and efficiently.

We will help you move your ideas and business ventures forward 
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Registration Process

Registrations applications will be received through our web platform. You will be asked to supply a short pitch deck that demonstrates your idea, the value it will bring to the industry, and the team behind the concept. REGISTER

The best registrations will be shortlisted and we will set up time to discuss your solution in more detail with the Food Futures Company team. Registered solutions will be consolidated and shared with AgriFutures and ANFAB for further consideration and distribution within the Native Ag+Food sector.

Registrations will close on the 31st of May 2021. Registrations will be consolidated and distributed to AgriFutures and ANFAB in mid-June 2021.

We will help you move your ideas and business ventures forward 
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Why Register?


Connect with like-minded startups and entrepreneurs across the native ag+food value chain in an exciting sector poised for explosive growth.


Solve Industry Challenges


Help to solve critical industry challenges that can have significant positive social, environmental, economic and health outcomes for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians. 

Be a First-Mover

Be a first-mover in the native ag+food sector by deploying your technology to solve real problems.

Raise Profile

Raise the profile of your organisation with key industry bodies and the global agrifood ecosystem.

Collaborate + Test

Collaborate with real customers and stakeholders to test the desirability of your solution.

Challenge Area
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 Book in a  meeting with one of the team to talk through any questions you have. 

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