We aim to make a wide ranging, far reaching and long lasting global impact on agrifood systems

Scaling Australia’s agrifood innovation businesses for global growth

Our goal is to help startups grow and succeed.  The Food Futures Scale Up Catalyst™ incubator supports agrifood tech and innovation startups from across the value chain who are looking to create positive IMPACT on the agrifood system and to scale their ventures globally.   

Who we work with

We love hanging out with passionate founders who are working on the big issues that matter and want to do more ….. faster!  We focus our efforts in the following areas:



Alternative proteins

Australian native ag+food

Health & wellbeing products & services

New & sustainable food production


value chains





We are looking for startups that have developed their idea to at least working prototype stage; can demonstrate evidence of demand; and have a tangible business model in place.  


Typically, businesses will be at the pre-seed fundraising stage and will be preparing to acquire new customers and to scale their business into new markets either nationally or internationally.  We will also accept more advanced startups into the program.

We will help you move your ideas and business ventures forward 

Program Benefits

Working with us at the Food Futures company comes with many benefits to help you scale and grow your business. 

Flexible & Customised Program

Participating in the ScaleUp Catalyst incubator will provide access to resources, workshops, and masterclasses on a weekly basis with flexibility to join wherever relevant.  In addition, a customised growth program will be developed with you to meet the specific needs of your business. 

Strategy & Pitch  Coaching

Based on our deep-dive assessment of your business we will allocate an experienced coach to work with you one-on-one throughout your time in the program.  In addition you will have access to experienced pitch coaches who will get you ready for investor and customer pitch opportunities.

Access to Industry Mentors & Experts

We pair each startup with mentors and expert advisors from our experienced mentor network.  You will have one-on-one access to experts from a wide range of disciplines including finance, legal, regulatory, marketing & branding, research & technical.

Engage with Customers & Partners

We provide our startups with access to prospective customers and trial/research partners in both Australia and internationally including: farmers; food manufacturers; agribusiness corporates; on-line and delivery channel partners; chefs and food service; ingredient companies; and research organisations.

Global Pathways

We have created alliances and partnerships to create direct global pathways for our startups including international pitch events and accelerator programs; and land & launch programs in key markets eg GROW2Asia.

Raising Capital

We support our startups to gain access to capital via grants; co-investment programs; and from investors.  In some cases we will invest directly in the businesses participating in the ScaleUp Catalyst incubator

Have questions you

want to ask us?

Seeking the next group of passionate and highly motivated agrifood innovation businesses.

What does the program include?

6 to 10 companies will be selected twice per year and a fully customised program will be developed to meet the needs of each business during their 6-9 month ‘residency’ in the incubator. Elements of the program will be delivered both virtually and face-to-face and will include:  


•    Customer validation – defining new national and global customer segments
•    Developing the brand position and the narrative behind the brand
•    Marketing and sales strategy
•    Product and solution refinement through ‘test and learn’ iterations
•    Go-to-Market strategy (nationally and internationally) 


•    Develop and execute an IP strategy 
•    Scaling manufacturing processes 
•    Packaging development
•    Regulatory compliance 


•    Business growth strategy
•    Business model innovation including revenue models
•    Value chain design optimisation
•    Impact measurement
•    Raising capital

A series of resources, workshops, masterclasses and customised one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions will be offered each week, with flexibility for participants to access those sessions that are most relevant.  In addition, regular events will be scheduled including our broader community and network.  


Have you got questions?

Office hours is an opportunity for you to book in a 20 minute session with one of the team to talk through any questions you have about the program.


1. How much does it cost to participate?

The overall value of the program is $45K with participants required to contribute $15K for the first 6 months. We work with participants to raise funds to cover their participation, or alternatively negotiate a deferment option against future earnings. Longer periods of time in the incubator are also available and are typically linked to achieving fund raising goals. Fees are negotiable for these extended periods.

2. Do you take equity in my business?

We only require an equity position if we invest directly in the business.

3. How do I apply to participate in the ScaleUp Catalyst incubator?

Complete the Expression of Interest form available here. If we believe the program is the right one for you, we will arrange a call to discuss next steps.

4. What is the selection process?

We have a 2-step selection process which includes: 1. Expression of Interest and phone interview 2. Full application including provision of pitch deck. Applicants are invited to complete step 1 at any stage and we will advise when our twice yearly intake will occur (typically in September and March).

5. Is the information in my application treated as confidential?

We will not distribute your application externally during the application process. However, please do not submit any business plans or trade secrets at this stage. Your application should only include information you are willing and able to share.

6. Who owns the IP developed by my business during participation in the program?

Intellectual Property created by you is retained by your business.

7. Are there travel funds available to participate in the face-to-face aspects of the program?

No, not at this stage. However, wherever possible we support our participants to seek funding to cover the cost of the program including travel.

8. Do you invest directly in the businesses in the program?

In some cases, and by mutual agreement, we will invest directly in the businesses participating in the program. We will request right of first refusal on your acceptance into the program on terms to be specified.