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Reducing Food Waste: The Journey of Pipan Chippy Apples

We had the opportunity to connect with our good friend and Co-Founder of Pipan Foods, Naishad Dalal, who shared the story behind their children's snack range 'Chippy Apples'.

Here's what we discovered: Chippy Apples, a delightful natural fruit snack that presents a nutritious substitute for conventional chips. With a commitment to environmental preservation, this innovation transforms unwanted supermarket apples into a driving factor for positive change. Through this approach, Pipan Chippy Apples not only makes an environmentally conscious impact but supports local farmers, communities, and the planet at large by addressing the challenge of food waste.

A Natural Fruit Snack – ‘Chippy Apples’

Co-Founders: Naishad Dalal and Phillip Gomizel

The inspiration being ‘Chippy Apples’ emerged during Co-Founders Naishad Dalal, Phillip Gomizel and Samantha Gomizel's visit to stone fruit farmers in Victoria's Cobram Region, where they witnessed a daily excess of "almost 7 tonnes of fruit waste during picking season". This spurred the idea to transform slightly 'imperfect apples', often supermarket rejects, into a valuable snack. Through an innovative vacuum grinding process that reduces moisture to a mere 1%, the Chippy Apples achieve a unique crispiness that rivals traditional chips. This approach aligns with Pipan Foods’ mission for sustainability and waste reduction, echoing Naishad's insight that these apples weren't waste but rather "different sizes or slightly scuffed." This concept simultaneously aligns with the objectives of enhancing food security and reducing food waste.

Pipan Foods' Mission and the Rise of Chippy Apples

Pipan Foods’ mission is to "promote sustainability, reduce waste and create environmentally friendly products”. Chippy Apples exemplify this commitment by salvaging produce that might otherwise go to waste. In Naishad’s explanation, they are "committed to reducing food waste, through responsible sourcing, conscious consumption and Chippy Apples makes a positive impact on the environment whilst supporting local farmers, the community and the planet by reducing food waste".

Crafting Chippy Apples

The process of crafting Chippy Apples is as intricate as it is impactful. As Naishad clarifies “each slice is dehydrated with a vacuum process which reduces moisture to an almost negligible amount making it crispier and crunchier". The product's challenge, however, lies in its rehydration ability, requiring consumption within an hour to maintain its unique qualities.

Direct Engagement: Cultivating Sustainability

Collaborating closely with farmers in the Cobram Region, Pipan Foods' ensures a direct link to the source of their produce. By utilising ‘seconds’— “they are different shapes and have some little scuff marks, the quality is fine". Pipan Chippy Apples minimise waste while advocating responsible and sustainable practices. These ‘seconds’ prove that quality is not compromised, and as Naishad clarifies "what can be recovered and consumed can be used".

Pipan Chippy Apples

Chippy Apples' Role in Waste Reduction

Each 20g packet of Chippy Apples translates to the consumption of two small apples. Through this innovation, Pipan collaborates with farmers to transform rejects into a sought-after product, ultimately diminishing waste at both ends. With plans to expand the concept to other produce like pears and carrots, Pipan Foods aims to magnify its positive impact, touching households with staple items that carry substantial potential for waste reduction.

Insights into Food Industry Innovation

Naishad anticipates heightened innovation in food packaging, emphasising the “reduction of moisture transmission rates” to enhance food preservation. Naishad foresees an evolution in packaging technologies and sustainability that will contribute to waste reduction and enhanced sustainability.

Advice for Fellow Innovators

Naishad's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to "go and visit the farms and then you would know how much we waste, and it gives you an inspiration to do something and develop something more robust to create a product which will have a positive impact on the environment and the planet".

Policy Changes for a more Sustainable Future

Naishad advocates for a shift in focus from cosmetic appearance to nutritional value in fruits and vegetables. Allowing the “consumer to decide what they want to pick”, by embracing natural imperfections and reducing stringent aesthetic standards, to transform the food industry’s approach and collectively make strides to reduce food waste.

Customer Feedback and Impact

Naishad's aspiration for Chippy Apples revolves around encouraging trial and repeat purchases as Naishad describes “get consumers to try it because once they try it, they will be repeat customers and love it". Consumers appreciating the product's positive impact on the environment signals a growing trend towards conscious consumption and as Naishad informs the customers are “loving this product”.

Empowering Consumers

Naishad urges consumers to "support businesses like Pipan Foods – Chippy Apples and other businesses like us to support the farmers, buy at local green grocers and buy upcycled food". By opting for upcycled products and endorsing sustainable practices, individuals can actively contribute to reducing food waste.

Pipan Foods’ continued Journey

With Chippy Apples as a testament to their vision, we can expect further groundbreaking products from Pipan Foods that encapsulate the essence of reducing food waste, promoting sustainability, and fostering collaboration between local farmers and communities.

Our sister company Farmers2Founders is running a program to support value+ food and beverage companies who are reducing food waste called Circular Value. If you’re interested in learning more, check out the CIRCULAR VALUE | Farmers2Founders landing page.

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