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The Human Connection Project

Formed 2019

The Human Connection Project was founded by Matt Boyce who’s lived through his own struggles with mental illness since the loss of his best friend. He was able to use his experiences to drive the development of an initiative that empowers people to engage, create and lead through human connection.

It’s the mission of The Project to promote learning and advocacy for proactive mental health solutions based on the three pillars central to Matt’s philosophy of human connection: empathy, leadership and empowerment.



Building a startup can be a lonely, scary journey, however, it doesn't need to be. Working with both Christine and Skye from Food Futures Company has made our journey from ideation, to launch and furthermore to market an absolute breeze. Working in the mental health space is a very high pressure, vulnerable area of work so to have the support of the two incredible minds of Christine and Skye has been incredibly comforting. Food Futures Company has been the difference between the Human Connection Project falling or flying.

Through the Seeds of Change Accelerator Matt Boyce evolved his business dramatically. When Boyce was selected, his business was called Your Prep and aimed to bridge the gap between nutritious, healthy meals and anxiety and depression. Prompted by the documented link between gut health and mental health, Boyce’s original vision was to provide dietician-designed, chef-prepared, cooked meal components direct to the customer to help maximise family time and human connection via easy-to-access nutrition.

Four months later, Your Prep developed into the Human Connection Project, a multi-layered social enterprise endeavouring to make dinner time matter through education and facilitation.


Today The Human Connection Project Foundation delivers a number of initiatives to deliver it's mission
to take a proactive approach to mental health and wellness through human connection:

- Walk & Talk events: set up to bring local communities together to connect
- How Good's Living: Human Connection Project started How Good’s Living merchandise, a way to take their message to the streets. The How Good’s Living campaign encourages people to have honest, open conversations regarding their mental health battles.
- School Mentorship Program: To mentor the next generation of leaders in empathy and empowerment.
- Human Connection Project Podcast: Sitting down with mental health experts and people from our community to share stories and strategies for improving human connection in our everyday lives.
- Human Connection Fundamentals Course: Workshop series for employees to grow their knowledge of human connection through empathy, leadership and empowerment.

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