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Spiralz Fermented Foods

Formed 2016

Michelle Amor is the founder of Spiralz Fermented Foods and is passionate about clean, raw fermented foods. Spiralz Fermented Foods are premium raw, organic fermented vegetables and tonics that are authentic, gluten free, dairy free and full of beneficial bacteria for strong gut health and microbiome.

Michelle applied to the Seeds of Change Accelerator to increase brand awareness, understand the key functional benefits through scientific testing of her products, access to coaching and explore export opportunities.



This program has been an invaluable experience both on a business and a personal level. For the business, the connection we made and the opportunities to explore areas of growth that we would have otherwise waited possible years for, have been game changing! On a personal level, the people have been so nurturing, encouraging and supportive they have really assisted my personal growth in ways that have been life changing for me. For any business owners considering applying for the SOC program in the future, I would recommend you absolutely go for it as you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

During the program, Michelle worked with industry experts and mentors to identify new opportunities for her business in specific growth areas such as convenience, snacking and innovative packaging solutions. The program also helped the business by providing access to expertise in scaling up production and automating specific processes within the business to increase efficiencies and productivity.

The Seeds of Change Accelerator also had a strong focus on pitching which resulted in Michelle gaining a significant increase in confidence to attract new large b2b customers and contracts.


Following the program, Spirals Fermented Foods has increased production capacity and developed a range of new offerings with water kefir.

The business has also extended their reach through new channels and b2b customers such as national health food stores, independents and other specialty retailers. Similarly, the brand has grown from strength to strength across social media platforms and direct to consumer sales.

Spiralz Fermented Foods

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