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McMillan & Drew

Formed 2020

Rachel McMillan, co-founder of McMillan & Drew, specialist growers and garden designers, is a landscape designer and horticulturist. Rachel entered the program to increase the production side of her business and was looking to expand her network in the native food industry.

During the program, Rachel saw an opportunity to increase the number of edible native gardens for restaurants, cafes and homes.



The importance of deeply understanding my customer, knowing my value chain, and having connections with our local Indigenous community have helped shape a clear vision.

During phase three of the program, value chains and benefit-sharing protocols, alongside 1:1 coaching, Rachel began to understand the financial outcomes possible by maximising cashflow through the production side of her business.

Rachel now has a clear vision and has the tools to move forward with her business. One of the main outcomes for Rachel was being able to clearly package up her edible garden design solutions for different customer segments to streamline her business and maximise value. She will continue to test and refine these solutions and will work towards scaling up this aspect of the business at a national level.


Recently teaming up with Chalkhill Collective and Never Never Gin Company, McMillan & Drew has been tasked to develop the grounds into an interactive and productive garden including a bush trail concentrated on botanicals. This will be one of the first tests of her packaged up design solutions.

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