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Fable Food Co

Formed 2019

Fable is a delicious plant-based alternative to slow cooked braised beef. Fable is co-founded by a chef/mushroom scientist who grew up in Texas eating slow cooked meats, a mushroom farmer who was Australian Organic Farmer of the Year in 2018 and a passionate vegetarian. Fable leverages the power of mushrooms to create environmentally sustainable and healthy meat alternative products.

The accelerator was what brought the team behind the Fable Food Co together. Michael Fox was independently researching plant-based meat alternatives with mushrooms when Food Futures Company connected him with mushroom farmer Chris McLoghlin and mycologist Jim Fuller, who were doing the same thing.



Fable Food Co recently had the pleasure of working with Christine and Skye of Food Futures Company in the Mars Seeds of Change Accelerator program. Working with Christine and Skye was truly transformational for our business and their strategic assistance lead to significant improvements in our product, supply chain and distribution. Skye is also helping make introductions and assisting with building the relationship with a major Australian food company. We're thrilled to have worked with the Food Futures Company team and highly recommend them to other food companies

The accelerator helped the team fine-tune its packaging and design as well as the product. Through an intensive four months the team were able to develop a deep understanding of their early adopter customer base. Through numerous customer interviews the team were able to identify how to position their products in the 'flexitarian' market and encourage meat eaters to swap out a couple of weekly meals with a plant-based option. The team used this insight to focus on developing a product that replicated the taste and texture of pulled pork or braised beef.

The accelerator had a large focus on helping the startups to develop and deliver pitches. The Fable team showcased their confidence in delivering a successful investor pitch at the graduation event towards the end of 2019. The team has now raised over $1.5 million in funding.


Fable’s Plant-Based Braised Beef has been endorsed by celebrity Chef Heston Blumenthal and features on the menus of his Michelin Star restaurants in the UK as well as in over 100 restaurants across Australia. In 2020, Fable partnered with Marley Spoon to bring plant-based meat to more Aussie kitchens and launched in select Harris Farm Markets in NSW.

Fable has also recently launched a range of ready meals and demand for the product in Woolworths has been high since launch with sales quadrupling. The product selling out in Queensland, Victoria and South Australia in its first weeks on shelves. Food Futures Company is excited to follow the journey of this booming alumni business.

Fable Food Co

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