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Native Oz Bushfoods

Formed 2018

Tracey Goebel and her husband Bunjalung man Doug, run a 16-hectare native farm located in Ropely, Queensland. The team create value-added native food products including salts and jams and have been developing a native education garden.

Tracey entered the Ideas2Business program with a goal to gain more confidence in running her business and to work out which direction she should focus on strategically.



We want to teach that natives are not just a tree or a shrub, that they can be a source of sustainable living as they have been for many thousands of years, educate the community, keep our culture alive and help ignite the future generation.

Through intensive customer interviewing in the first two phases of the program, Tracey was able to refine her current solution and deliver new service offerings to her consumers based on evidence of current problems they were experiencing. Tracey was able to pinpoint that there was a significant gap in knowledge in how to use native ingredients and this was creating a barrier to purchase.

The program helped Tracey to develop a digital marketing plan using the offering of education in response to this discovery.


During the program, Tracey doubled her quarterly revenue and is on track to double this again through increased wholesaler interest. Tracey has completed the program with confidence, new goals and expanding public interest in her products and education garden with projected revenue to be over $250,000 by 2023.

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