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Edible Reconciliation

Formed 2020

Edible Reconciliation was formed as a joint venture between native food grower and Yuin man, Dominic Smith (Pundi Produce) and well-known South Australian native food chef Andrew Fielke (Creative Native Foods).

Pundi Produce is Supply Nation accredited, and Dom has developed a wealth of knowledge about growing native products. His innovative aquaponics system uses less water, land and labour than traditional agriculture. In fact, it works so well that he doesn’t need to use chemical fertilisers, pesticides or insecticides.Dom refers to his unique growing system as ‘nature in a box’.



To have a native food industry without Indigenous participation is unthinkable. We are committed to working and walking together as a tangible act of edible reconciliation.

Dom wants to create more opportunities for indigenous people to become involved in the native ag+food sector through employment and potentially owning their own farms. He plans to share his knowledge and expertise through training and mentoring programs. The idea behind ‘Edible Reconciliation’ is quite simple. By introducing native Australian foods into our diet we not only benefit from the incredibly diverse flavours and health benefits they bring, we also have the opportunity to engage deeply with Indigenous Australians to develop sustainable and equitable business relationships.


Andrew has been at the forefront of modern Native Australian Cuisine for decades and has been supplying unique ingredients and value-added products to the hospitality, food service, retail and tourism sectors. He is also passionate about educating Australians through his cook books and his education initiative targeting schools Australia wide.

Dom and Andrew have plans to develop a range of value-added products for distribution via the Edible Reconciliation brand and to use the platform to build awareness of the significant cultural, social, environmental and economic
benefits that native ag+food can deliver.

Edible Reconciliation is currently seeking new growing partners (particularly Indigenous groups) and investors to further expand their supply base.

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