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What to read, listen to & watch on the future of food

There's a lot of writing, podcasting and journalling happening in the future food space and it can be tricky to keep up. Our list of want-to-reads and must listens is never-ending, so we've put together a shortlist of some great books, articles, podcasts and tv shows on the future of food for you to enjoy. We've tailored them to different future food interests, so whether you've got 5 minutes on the morning commute or 5 hours, there'll be something in this list for everyone.


Focus area - Sustainable food production

Our pick:

Brewing Sustainability in the Coffee and Tea Industries by Alissa Bilfield

A detailed exploration of the coffee and tea industries, tracing "the transformation from plantation-style colonial agriculture towards systems that now claim to produce social and environmental benefits from the farm to the cup". Taylor & Francis Group

Read if you're interested in: sustainable supply chains, fair trade, social entrepreneurship

The Future of Food: How to Feed the Planet Without Destroying It by Matthew Reynolds

Journalist Matt Reynolds sets out to begin to answer the question of how to feed a population estimated to reach nearly 10 billion by 2050. He looks at the issues with our current food production systems and alternative ways of thinking about food production including developing disease-resistant crops and replacing livestock farming with lab-grown meat. Penguin Books Australia

Read if you're interested in: food tech, future of food, alternative food production


Focus area - future food solutions

Our pick:

A collection of hopeful stories and happenings in the future food space, from small-scale seaweed farms to climate-friendly chickpeas.

Read if you're interested in: optimistic stories about food systems transformation

A detailed breakdown on the obstacles faced by 'future food' solutions like fermentation & alternative protein and what might be done to overcome them.

Read if you're interested in: agriculture, fermentation, alternative protein, startups

TV Shows

Focus area - how it's made

Our pick:

Salt Fat Acid Heat with chef Samin Nosrat

Chef and food writer Samin Nosrat travels across the world to explore the fundamentals of cooking and the various practices and techniques which underpin a range of food traditions.

Watch if you're interested in: cooking techniques, food history, food science

Before the Plate with chef John Horne

This documentary follows John Horne, Head Chef of Canadian restaurant Canoe, as he "traces the ingredients from a single plate of food from his restaurant all the way back to the farms they came from".

Watch if you're interested in: farm to table, food production, supply chains


Focus area - food science & technology

Our pick:

A food tech-focussed podcast delving into a range of topics including restaurants in the metaverse, cultivated seafood and restaurant robotics.

Listen if you're interested in: new food technologies, conversations with leaders in the future food space

Gastropod by Cynthia Graber

Every other week, co-hosts Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley explore the 'hidden history and surprising science behind a different food or farming-related topic". Recent episodes focus on olive oil, ketchup and the world of food delivery.

Listen if you're interested in: the story behind food, interviews, food history

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