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Behind the scenes at the launch of our Charles Sturt Indigenous Entrepreneur Program

Our Charles Sturt Indigenous Entrepreneur program has officially kicked off with a 3-day workshop in Sydney! We've been immersed in workshops, retailer visits, product tastings and a wonderful dinner from Indigiearth - and we're only just getting started.

It has been an honour to spend time with this incredible cohort of entrepreneurs. This is an early stage program developed in collaboration with Charles Sturt University, specifically for aspiring Indigenous entrepreneurs and early stage Indigenous founders who are looking for help to explore, build and launch a business in food and agriculture. These participants are already making a big impact in their communities and it is our privilege to support them over the course of our four month program.

Here's a few of the highlights from the workshops so far:

On the first day, we took part in a yarning circle to get to know each other and understand our 'why' and how we're wanting to make an impact. Each team then took us through a presentation to share their business ideas and what they're hoping to get out of the program.

We then had the opportunity to go for a walk through the National Indigenous Centre of Excellence gardens and tried the native plants and herbs on offer.

We ended the day with a fantastic dinner by Sharon Winsor from Indigiearth!

Day 2 was full of activities, with retail visits to Harris Farm and Woolworths, where the buyers shared information about the native product categories and trends. We then had afternoon workshops at Cicada Innovations and did a deep dive into category competitor analysis. This was followed by a native product tasting session from the wonderful Rebecca at Warndu.

On the last day, we had a day of workshops and goal setting and made plans for the upcoming few months. We're looking forward to supporting these incredible entrepreneurs on their journey throughout the program and keeping you updated along the way.

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