Our goal is to help startups grow and succeed

At the most fundamental level we believe that to be successful, entrepreneurs and new venture founders must focus on delivering compelling value propositions that address key customer problems and then apply lean start up methodologies to develop solutions that work and innovative business models that are commercially viable. 

Food Futures Company has identified megatrends and themes that we believe will drive widespread transformational change across the food system over the next 3-5 years including:

  • Health & wellbeing

  • Personalised nutrition

  • Convenience: on-the-go eating, ready meals, meal kits, meal delivery

  • Alternative proteins

  • Disruptive food production technologies

  • Leveraging digital technologies and data management

  • Traceability, transparency and ethical production

  • Food waste and sustainability 

  • Value chain redesign to build closer links to consumers

  • New food systems such as indoor farming

Building a startup can be a lonely, scary journey, however, it doesn't need to be. Working with both Christine and Skye from Food Futures Company has made our journey from ideation, to launch and furthermore to market an absolute breeze. Working in the mental health space is a very high pressure, vulnerable area of work so to have the support of the two incredible minds of Christine and Skye has been incredibly comforting. Food Futures Company has been the difference between the Human Connection Project falling or flying.

Matt Boyce

CEO & Founder - Human Connection Project

We love hanging out with passionate founders who want to work on these big issues and do more faster. 

If you want to fast track your growth and you are working in an area that matches the themes we think are important - we would love to hear from you! 

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