Helping grow the Native Ag+Food Sector

There is great potential for the Australian native agriculture and food sector to become a successful world-class industry that delivers economic, social, cultural, environmental and health benefits to Indigenous Australians; businesses within the sector; consumers; and the wider Australian community.

Food Futures Company is working across the sector with industry stakeholders, native ag+food entrepreneurs, large corporates and investors to help create awareness and connections; deliver new technologies; build new capabilities; and attract new talent.  Our programs support Indigenous and non-Indigenous entrepreneurs and businesses in the native ag+food sector to advance innovation and achieve significant commercial growth. 

In partnership with:

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Ideas2Business Program

A 12-week program to help native ag+food start-ups (Indigenous and non-Indigenous founders) to test ideas and build capability and confidence to launch new products and new business ventures. The Ideas2Business program will be launching in  July 2020.


Native Ag+Food Tech Challenge

Aims to source technology solutions from both mature tech developers and tech start-ups that have developed solutions (some likely to already be deployed in other agrifood sectors) that address identified gaps and opportunities to accelerate growth in the native ag+food value chain. We provide customised support and coaching for tech startups in this space.


National Accelerator-Incubator  Program

Flagship program to be conducted over 6-9 months targeted at accelerating growth of later stage native ag+food businesses (Indigenous and non-Indigenous founders). Program outcomes focus on: increasing revenue; attracting investment; securing new domestic and international customers;  adopting enabling technologies; developing new systems and business models; and forming strategic partnerships along the value chain.


Food Innovator + Entrepreneurship Program 

This program will create new career opportunities and attract and develop new talent to the sector. The aim is to address key business and technical capability gaps across native ag+food value chains.  A specific initiative, in consultation with Indigenous leaders, will be to attract young Indigenous talent into the sector. These young entrepreneurial leaders will help connect  remote Indigenous communities to the native ag+food marketplace.


Native Ag+Food Start-up Community

Food Futures Company is launching a targeted community to support native ag+food businesses which will include events and meet-ups; providing access to resources; 1:1 coaching support; and creating linkages with regional food innovation hubs and international native ag+food networks.




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