Dale Tilbrook

Native Food Specialist & Director, ANFAB 

Michael Fox

Co-Founder, CEO - Fable Food Co

Craig North

Managing Director, Indigenous Impact Pty Ltd

Ricky Chau

Founder & CEO, Taste Studio

Fiona Fleming

Managing Director - FJ Flemming Food Consulting

Juraj Durco

Co-Founder & Principal Consultant, FAPIC Global

Alicia Dudek

Fungi Fan & Founder, Mycoreality

Hayley Blieden

James Preuss

Managing Director, Concierge Genetics

Co-Founder & Managing Director,

The Australian Superfood Co 

Suzanne Thompson

Chair, (ANFAB)

Vic Cherikoff

Managing Director, Australian Functional Ingredients Pty Ltd

Chris McLoghlin

Co-Founder & Chief Product 

Officer, Fable Food Co.

Dr Emma Beckett

Food Science & Human Nutrition

University of Newcastle

Ryan Miller

CEO Keeping Company

Tim Wearne

COO - Keeping Company

PWC Indigenous Consulting

Joshua Gilbert

Richard Stear

Marketing Transformation Project Lead - Mars 


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