Frequently Asked Questions

When do applications open?

Applications open on 1st June 2020.

When do applications close?

Applications close on 7th of July 2020.

When does the program actually start?

Program kick off is on the 27-28th of July 2020.

When does the program end?

Program ends on 16th October, with the graduation event on 23rd October.

How long is the program?

The program goes for 12 weeks with a graduation event in the 13th week.

Are there program activities every week?

Yes, you will be involved in activities every week including group Masterclasses (set timetable that will be provided once you are accepted into the program) and 1on1 coaching sessions (at flexible times to suit you and your allocated coach). You will also be required to complete weekly project work specifically designed to help you to validate your native ag+food idea with customers and to accelerate the development of your business.

How does the program work during COVID-19 restrictions?

Since March 2020 we have converted all of our programs to 100% virtual delivery. Should these restrictions be lifted we will determine if we can include some face-to-face components to the program. However, as this is a national program, online and remote delivery will always be the major component to ensure accessibility to all participants.

Will I need any special technology or technical skills to undertake the program?

As the program is delivered online you will need access to a PC/laptop and the internet. During the program you will be using a variety of online tools including: zoom; google drive; and slack. We will provide training and ongoing support on the use of these tools as required. During the program you will also be exposed to social media and website development tools.

Who can apply?

Any Indigenous or non-Indigenous entrepreneur or start up involved in the Australian native ag+food sector who is looking to explore a new idea, new business venture, or to kick start growth in an existing early stage business. You can be working on an agtech or foodtech solution that will address a challenge or opportunity anywhere in the native ag+food value chain, or you can be developing innovative new value-added products in food, food ingredients, nutraceuticals, or beauty and skin care.

Do I have to have a registered business to apply?

No you can just have a great idea at the start of the program, but by the end you will know whether this is the right pathway for you.

What if it is only me in my team?

That is totally fine!

How do I apply?

Press the apply now button on this page and complete an application form. We also have Office Hours where you can book a time to find out more from one of our team.

When will I find out if my application is successful?

Shortlisted applicants will be notified by the w/c 13th of July and a phone interview will be set up with the team to further dive into your idea and/or business. From there, we will select between 10-14 finalists to go into the program.

What if I am unsuccessful?

The team will notify all applicants of their result by the 20th of July. We will be offering support to those teams who are unsuccessful and this will be discussed with you via a phone call.

How many applications will be accepted?

We are planning to accept between 10-14 participants into the program.

If we are selected can more than one team member participate in the program?

Yes we encourage key team members to participate – but may have to limit this to 3 per team.

How do you select teams?

The program is targeted at growing the Australian Native Ag+Food sector so your idea or business must be in this area. We are specifically looking to work with passionate and committed entrepreneurs and founders who are ready to turn their idea into a reality and see themselves growing a successful business in the native ag+food sector. We will make the final selection based on the quality of your application and a phone interview.

How much time do I need to work on the program?

We expect a commitment of between 3-5hrs per week which could include a variety of coaching, masterclass sessions and workshops and own 'homework'.

Does the program cost anything?

No the program does not cost anything to participate however we will work with you to develop a plan on what you need to do to grow your business. Where appropriate we will connect you with investors and other funding opportunities.

Do you take anything from me?

No we do not take any Intellectual Property in your idea or equity in your business. Confidentiality agreements will be signed by all participants.

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