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Araluen Hagan



Araluen Hagan co-founded 14K Brewery with her husband in Lower Chittering, Western Australia. Having identified a growing culture of non-drinkers with the market tipped to grow at 5% YoY growth to reach $1.5B by 2025, Araluen entered the program wanting to explore several alcohol-free alternatives.

Using the lean canvas and customer discovery process delivered in the program, Araluen was able to establish a more strategic plan and identify which business direction to focus on moving forward. Shrubs is a uniquely Australian, non-alcoholic beverage which deliver on consumer expectations for healthier, more natural options and respond to the desire for more premium and sophisticated offerings.

I think that the shrubs we are making are a great way to unleash the flavour of Australia to the world. My next step is continuing what I am doing and also expanding and educating people on native plants.

Shrubs are infused with native ingredients, that not only add great flavour, they support Araluen's desire to drive awareness of Australia's native foods and create real consumer interest. Mentored by Indigenous elder, Dale Tilbrook, Araluen will continue to promote the role native foods play in supporting biodiversity that creates positive impact on people and the planet.

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Armed with an increased understanding of the consumer, Araluen has been able to range her product in an increasing number of local stores 14k Brewery sales increasing by 230%.


Scale up is the next step for Araluen as she continues rolling out her business plan developed in the program. Araluen and her husband are raising funds to increase their production capacity and open a public venue on their property.

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