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Niyoka Bundle



Melbourne based, Indigenous entrepreneur Niyoka Bundle and her husband Vincent Manning founded Pawa Catering, a fusion of native ingredients paired with Western-style foods.

Pawa Catering achieved significant growth during it's first year, achieving $240,000 revenue within 10 months of inception. Niyoka entered the Ideas2Business program with a newly formed concept, DIY native themed pizza kits, a response to COVID's impact on her catering business.

I learnt so much in the program through coaching and the mentors. They gave really great insight into the things you may have missed or should be doing.

Niyoka applied to the program to help her to refine the idea, understand her different consumer segments and work out the best way to scale the operation. Through Niyoka’s customer discovery work during the program, she was able to refine her key marketing messages for different consumers whom she had not considered previously. As a result, Niyoka was able to refine the unique value proposition of her solution- ultimately leading to much stronger consumer engagement and customer acquisition.

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 9.36.51 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 9.51.58 AM.png

The program has boosted Niyoka's confidence and helped her to identify and initiate strategic distribution opportunities with key delivery partners resulting in a projected $170,000 revenue by mid-2021.

Next, plans are to scale manufacturing capacity and production, enter new channels to market such as speciality food retailers and focus on expanding her growth nationally, resulting in a predicted increase in revenue to over $600,000 by 2022.

Through the program, Niyoka also developed her plan to build a fully Indigenous-led value chain and is progressing conversations with potential strategic partners. Similarly, Niyoka's core catering business will resume following the lifting of COVID restrictions and is predicted to quickly regain it's previous growth trajectory.


Have you got questions?

Office hours is an opportunity for you to book in a 20 minute session with one of the team to talk through any questions you have about the program.

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